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Make sure that your website is ready for mobile friendly Google search results

If you missed the date, it was the 21st April 2015 - that's the date Google Search expanded its use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal.

This is a big deal and the change affected mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will has a significant impact on your Google Search results.

The new Google Search algorithm scans each page on the site, checking for load times, responsive design elements, and mobile best practice.

If you’re not ready, what can you do?

While Google checks every page, it’s worth noting that the new Google Search algorithm is applied page-by-page and not to the whole site. What this means is that as different pages become mobile friendly they can start to benefit from the SEO boost offered by this update.

Our advice would be to focus on your homepage and commonly used areas of the site if you’re not in the position for an overhaul to go totally Responsive. But, a total overhaul is not a big deal if you use a CMS (Joomla, Wordpress or whatever you choose), as we make the changes in the one template that drives the whole of your website.

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